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5 ideas for staging your party at home

MEX Cream



We love parties! At the beach, at the bar, at the pool, in fashionable clubs and of course… at home!! Leisure is changing and parties at home are taking centre stage. Now, it is cool to invite your friends over and parties at home are becoming essential…. Your entire home to enjoy with your friends, no limits, no opening hours and without spending (a lot of) money. Do you want to organise the best party? Do you want your friends to have fun like there is no tomorrow? We are giving you the keys…

Parties, fun and cool, rebellious, young and captivating, unique experiences that are a reflection of yourself.


ONE. Invitation

Any good self-respecting party, whether in the afternoon or at night, should begin with a good invitation... We have created this for you, simply download it and you can personalise it with your data;

You can also create your own via this link that we suggest!

Create unique images to share with your friends and begin the adventure.

TWO. Music

Music is the other big distinguishing feature. Begin with beats that allow you to share and talk, continue with hit songs that get even the shyest person dancing and make you want more, and finish with songs that make you jump, pulsate and dance. At MEX we suggest a mix of soft and naughty music like our flavour.



Food is everyone´s business! Because life is about sharing, suggest “MEXGASTRONOMY” to your friends. Our generation knows that we are more together and that we defend diversity, so choose your dish…. from an omelette to fajitas… the originality, taste and presentation will determine the winner. The challenges are always fun. Do you accept ours?

FOUR. Laughter

And if you also want guaranteed laughter… there is nothing like suggesting a game battle!


Mex Pong. Plastic cups and a ping pong ball!  We are creating a version of the most typical game played at all universities! The one you will have seen in lots of series and films!  Fun is guaranteed! Several empty glasses are placed at one end of the table and a ball is thrown from the other end with the aim of getting it in. If you miss, you drink. If you get it in, all your friends drink.


Never have I ever! Discover your friends’ secrets! Each person will have to share a secret or an embarrassing situation. Sitting in a circle, one person says “never have I ever” …followed by something they have never done. Those who have done it will have to drink a shot.

The sentence game, another of the most entertaining games for drinking shots|, Build a sentence among all the participants. The first person begins the sentence with a subject, for example, the party. The next person continues by adding a word, and the next adds another, with the sentence repeated at each stage. Whoever gets the sentence wrong, drinks a shot and the game begins again.

FIVE. And what is there to drink?

Beer, drinks, mojitos, cocktails,… and there is nothing better to liven up a party than welcoming the guests with nice cold shots of  MEX

It is your home and you want to offer the best to your friends. …You are certain, it is your moment, it is the moment of you and your friends. You are going to show them a new experience, a new way of being, you are going to give them the passport to form part of a new generation.   Of course, you choose MEX! But that isn´t everything… you show them all your varieties and get them to choose theirs; in a shot, with ice, in a cocktail or a smoothie


Because you choose where and with whom!


Don´t forget:

  • It is always recommended to wear a mask whenever circumstances allow
  • Social distancing
  • Small groups. Choose your friends very carefully
  • Drink in moderation



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